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Zero Waste Lifestyle: Benefits and Challenges

Before you adopt zero waste lifestyle, know its benefits and challenges…
Zero waste lifestyle is a mindful way of living that aims to waste less.
As a result, the quantity of trash going to landfills, rivers, oceans or incinerators decreases.
Zero waste living is eco-friendly with 3 main purposes:
1. Reduce
2. Reuse
3. Recycle.
Zero waste lifestyle has its benefits both personal and environmental.
You refuse to buy excess products on impulse. It saves your money.
As you reduce consumption of retail commodity, you get a chance to declutter your home and simplify life.
As you say NO to toxic substances and choose eco-friendly, biodegradable materials, you lead a safer and healthier life.
When you find out ways and means to reuse discarded products, you conserve various natural resources.
This practice to promote recycled products and reuse products eases off the burden of trash on environment.
With zero waste lifestyle, you spread awareness in community on the importance of waste reduction to save environment.
Are you expecting an instant transition to zero waste lifestyle?
Wait… Get real! It involves a lot of planning and persistent efforts to get there.
Finding a suitable alternative to some common single-use products becomes a big challenge at times.
People around you may not give enough support. Some may even criticise you for this unusual lifestyle.
If you love simplicity in life, go for a zero waste lifestyle and yield its benefits.
You can make it perfect despite the challenges.