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Yoga for Beginners: 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Beginners in Yoga tend to make some common mistakes. Learn more…
Yoga, for beginners, is a wonderful experience. It brings peace and calmness.
There are 8 common mistakes to avoid by beginners in order to meet their Yoga goals and prevent physical injuries.
1. Yoga training without a trainer.
Initially, you must have a Yoga trainer who can help when you struggle with difficult Yoga poses.
2. Doing Yoga in a noisy ambience.
Yoga is a meditative practice to connect mind and body. Hence, choose a quiet place for Yoga.
3. Doing Yoga on a slippery or uneven surface.
Be careful where you practice Yoga as you need proper body balance to hold Yoga poses.
Use a non-slippery Yoga mat. Place it on an even ground surface to prevent any injury due to fall.
4. Wrong attire.
Avoid any dress up that restricts free movements of body like tight outfit, untied hair, watch, bangles, heavy jewellery, etc.
5. Skipping warmup.
A gentle stretching before Yoga session puts your body muscles at ease and prevent injuries.
6. Skipping Shavasana.
After rigorous Yoga training, lie down in corpse pose and focus on breathing for 5-10 minutes.
Stillness of Shavasana cools down body, relaxes muscular tension and makes you comfortable.
7. Seeking instant results.
You cannot perfect a Yoga posture within a set deadline. Listen to your body and know what it can endure.
8. Casual approach.
Self-discipline is key in Yoga. A few physical actions without much care and attention do not serve its real purpose.
Keep these Yoga beginners’ mistakes in mind and start Yoga practice with full concentration.