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Yoga for Beginners: 10 Easy Tips to Start Your Journey

Yoga for beginners can be confusing. Here are some tips to start the journey…
On International Yoga Day (June 21), people across all ages, plan to start their Yoga journey.
However, their key concern is how to begin.
Sharing 10 tips to start Yoga with ease.
Join a well-reputed local Yoga class where experienced Yoga teachers are available.
Discuss with trainer your goals, needs and preferences in Yoga. Then you two can figure out the right Yoga style that suits you.
Pick proper Yoga clothes. Wear clothes that give comfort even if you sweat. Its fabric must be stretchable that allows free body movements.
Use a good Yoga mat. It must have a thick but soft padding to cushion your back and body joints as you try out some difficult Yoga postures.
An experienced Yoga teacher will guide you to start slowly with simple postures as per your body’s fitness level and abilities.
Learn at your own pace. Initially, body feels stiff as you bend and stretch. It may take a few weeks/months to gain flexibility and is different for everyone.
Take it easy when your body takes more time to align with a Yoga posture. Pushing it too much can cause injury.
Breathe comfortably. A normal breathing during body movements is essential for complete relaxation of mind and body.
Enjoy the learning process. Avoid judging yourself if you do not achieve expected results. Appreciate every small progress you make.
Practice consistently. Start your journey on International Yoga Day only if you feel motivated enough to practice it daily for 20 minutes as a beginner.
Those with pre-existing health problems and physical injuries must consult their doctor before starting Yoga.