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Yoga Benefits: How Does Yoga Make Us Happy?

On this International Day of Yoga, let’s reflect upon the link between Yoga and personal happiness.
The International Day of Yoga was first observed on 21st June 2015 after it was recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in 2014.
Today, the whole world has accepted that Yoga has the power to heal up both our mind and body.
Yoga has gained so much of popularity in recent times because it teaches us to take care of ourselves.
The poses/postures of Asanas practiced in Yoga make our body strong and flexible. During these physical movements, the brain releases some “feel-good” hormones like Endorphins which make us happy.
Deep breathing technique, like Pranayama, can control rapid the breathing caused by panic and anxiety. With regular practice, it makes us calmer and happier.
In Yoga meditation, we focus deep within our mind. As a result, all bad and negative thoughts / emotions disappear and the mind becomes empty.

Thus, we cultivate peace and harmony and secure happiness.
Yoga before bedtime helps us to fall into deep sleep quickly. An uninterrupted, sound sleep at night will obviously elevate our mood in the morning.
The posture based physical fitness achieved through Yoga makes us confident and improves self-esteem.

Consequently, we get happy feelings after every Yoga session.
Practice Yoga not just on the International Yoga Day but throughout the year.

Keep aside at least 15 minutes in a day for Yoga to transform your mind and body into a happy and healthy state.