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Women’s Equality at Workplace – What Do We Expect?

Sharing my hopes and expectations on the issue of equality for women at workplace…
Women professionals are waiting for decades to see gender equality at their workplace.
Remote work culture with advent of internet-based technology is giving us the hope that it will be a reality very soon.
Today, many women have this flexibility to work from anywhere and at any time as per their convenience.
Hence, we expect better retention of talented women in mainstream workforce.
Organizations will then think of bigger and better roles for women at workplace.
A dreamer in me has a few expectations from this changing work environment.
We expect equality at our workplace as a normal thing and not a favor done to us by our employers / male colleagues.
We expect our colleagues will stop treating us like a weaker/minority section within the working community.
We expect equal payment. Pay gap between men and women professionals should disappear and never come back...
Every young woman starts her career with this hope that one day she can prove her talent and her remuneration will be at par with her male colleagues...
She works hard, gathers experience, and then discovers her earning is same as a junior male colleague with less work experience than hers.
It’s heartbreaking!
We expect to get equal opportunity to utilize our leadership skills. We don’t want to limit ourselves in supportive roles only.
We expect our opinions to be taken seriously. I have noticed that during online meetings men are less aggressive for a change and give us equal chance to speak up.
Workplace as well as society must learn to accept that a woman's skills and abilities can make her successful. We don’t achieve success using “unfair” means.
Last but not the least, we love to keep our personal life and professional life separate. We expect people in our workplace will respect that.