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Why Imagination is a Valuable Life Skill?

Reflecting upon some life enriching aspects of imagination…
As human beings, we are privileged to have thinking mind as well as imaginative mind.
I am segregating the two because we are inclined to use our thinking mind.
In this fast-paced, technology-driven world, we train our minds for rational thinking.
We consider imagination as some kind of irrational thinking. Factually, imagination is a valuable life skill for quite a few good reasons.
As a kid, we had our share of ‘conversations’ with:
A bird sitting at window OR a fish in an aquarium OR the stars in our sky.

In such instances, imagination unlocks our source of happiness. It sparks the joy of oneness with this planet and its beings.
Imagination leads to creation of something out of nothing. We thus get various creative art forms:
1. Painting
2. Sculpture
3. Music

4. Prose
5. Poetry etc.
Is it possible to progress in science without imagination?
Several scientific inventions and innovations happened just because someone somewhere had imagined them.
I mean, the imagination to fly like a bird must have brought humans to the invention of aircraft.
In young adulthood, when thinking mind takes charge of our life, we lose touch with childlike imagination.
This rapid change makes many young adults lonely and they feel detached from everything.
Imagination uncovers that part of our consciousness which we have not touched before. A strong bonding with this faculty of mind is essential to preserve our deeper emotions.
Imagination is a valuable life skill because it empowers us to strengthen:
Creative skills
Problem solving skills
Decision making skills
Emotional skills and more.
All our imaginations cannot be converted into reality. However, that should not stop us from digging deeper into our imagination.