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Why Do I Love to Write

I am fond of writing. It is like playing with words for me. Here, I have reflected upon why I love to write.
I started writing for myself at a very young age without knowing its benefits, without any objective of making a career in writing. I have always loved to jot down my real life experiences, my thoughts and feelings on a notebook or diary.
When I was in school, every night before going to bed, I would note down what happened in my school on that day. My diary pages had the minutest details of who fought with whom, who stopped talking to whom, who played well, who scored good marks in test and many such “priceless information”.
Gradually, I gave priority to studies and hobby writing was kept aside for the weekends. After a while, I would squeeze out time only during vacations. These “peculiar” writings happened on pen and paper. I still enjoy reading those diaries and recall childhood memories.
When I started content writing more than a decade ago, I knew this job profile was created for me. I love to read mainly for knowledge and not for entertainment. Content writing gives me the opportunity to read, understand, assimilate and then share information with others.
I continue to have the same kind of enthusiasm to write as I had in my school days. I can write forever. I don’t mind whether there are readers interested in my writing or not. I often write exclusively for myself.
This love for writing has made my daily life better in many different ways.
I am naturally drawn towards the creative aspect of the craft of writing. My creative mind feels liberated when I write.
Being an introvert, I am often at loss of words during verbal communication. Whereas, expressing my thoughts and ideas with correct set of written words seems effortless to me.
I can read my mind through writing. When pandemic turmoil started, my mind was jumbled up with all sorts of news. Some of them were news of hope but most of them were either news of despair or fake news. I took stock of the situation by reflecting upon my own thoughts through writing.
I zoned out into my own inner world and noted down things which are in my control and those which were beyond my control. Then I convinced myself to accept things which are not in my hands. Slowly but surely, my stress and anxiety subsided.
Writing gives clarity to my thoughts. It eases off my doubts. If something bothers me or makes me confused I start writing down. I get a clear picture how I should proceed to resolve the issue.
Writing makes my memory strong. During my student life, I would write down the points that I have studied and I could remember them for the longest period of time. Today, I note down key points in meetings which helps me to recall them later.
Writing is an excellent anger management tool for me. The process has a calming effect on my brain. When I am angry, the first thing I try to do is to type out what triggered the anger and I feel so relieved.
My profession involves knowledge-based writing where I am exposed to a wide variety of subjects. Thus, every day is an enjoyable learning experience for me.
I feel when I am writing on a topic I must have a thorough knowledge about it. While speaking, I can just pick up a few random points but for writing, I must understand the subject well before I am in a position to share it with others.
I love to write for all these reasons. There are several scientifically proven health benefits of writing. I am not getting into that. I know that if I don’t get to write for some time, I feel suffocated.