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Why Beach Cleaning is Important – 5 Reasons You Should Know

Clean Beaches Week is observed in the first week of July to spread awareness on the impact of polluted coastline on the marine ecosystem.
People of all age groups love to escape from the hustle bustle of the city and spend some time on a beautiful beach.
The beach lovers add maximum pollutants to the beaches.

Most pollutants are made of plastics and come in the form of food packets, spoons, straws, bottles and more.
Clean Beaches Week is celebrated annually from July 1st – July 7th.

An initiative that brings the spotlight on the ill-effects of the beach pollutants left behind by the beach lovers.
Oceans are home to different species of plants, birds and animals.

Beach pollution is pushing all of them to the brink of extinction.
The shredded pieces of dumped plastic items are pulled into the water by the sea waves.

The aquatic animals living in the sea unknowingly ingest them like food.
The ingested plastic is indigestible and it releases toxic chemicals inside the animal's body.

That causes incurable diseases which either lead them to death or affect reproduction.
Marine birds often pick up littered straw from the beach assuming it to be a twig.

The swallowed plastic straw causes choking and suffocates them to death.
We must protect the marine life from these pollutants.

Frequent deaths of marine creatures create an irreversible imbalance in marine ecosystem.
Marine fish consumed by humans have already ingested some plastic wastes.

The toxic residues of synthetic compounds then enter into human body system and cause various health problems.
When the shoreline is littered with rubbish, its visual appeal is ruined.

Tourists will eventually stop coming to unclean beaches which in turn will badly hit the local economy.
Beach pollution is equally harmful for human life and marine life.

Beach cleaning is the only option to save the creatures and the natural environment.
Physical cleaning of plastic wastes from long stretches of any sea beach is challenging.
If we change our habits and stop strewing wastes on the beaches, then it will be easier to keep them safe and hygienic for all.