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Why are Handwritten Letters Special?

Reflecting upon some emotional values of handwritten letters…
In this era of social media and instant digital connectivity, people do not feel the need to send a handwritten letter to anyone.
Still, some of us value handwritten letters as it gives a special vibe to both: sender and receiver.
When we receive a handwritten letter, our heart fills with happiness and appreciation that someone has invested so much time and effort.
We soak in warmth and authenticity of handwritten words. Reading a typed letter on a bright digital screen cannot bring that feel.
As a sender, we feel an emotional connect with the loved one for whom we are writing letter.
We miss out this connect when we type words on a dazzling digital screen.
Physical touch of a pen on paper has some magic that enable us to express thoughts and feelings in a more creative way.
Jazz it up with funky fonts, cool ink colors, sketches, drawings, etc.
Enhance its look and feel with eye-catching colours, shapes, and sizes of writing paper and envelope.
Our handwriting reflects who we are. While reading a letter, the recipient feels that aura of the sender even from a distance.
Emotions like love, affection and respect are best expressed through handwritten texts. It strengthens the bond between two people.
Each curve and font of handwritten text captures the sender’s emotions. Here are 3 examples:
1. When you are happy and relaxed every word flows beautifully from your pen.
2. If you are in a rush, it is visible from haphazard handwriting that slant either upward or downward.
3. While sharing deep emotions, your hands may tremble a bit. This becomes apparent from shaky handwritten fonts.
We thus conclude that a handwritten letter will always remain special to us. We reread it for months to relive its charm and memory.