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Ways Food Gets Wasted in House Party: 7 Tips to Waste Less

We accept food wastage in a house party as normal. Know how to change it…
Stop wastage of food for 2 reasons:
1. To show respect to people who worked hard to produce the food.
2. To show respect to people who cannot have full meals in a day.
Food wastage in a party at home is avoidable if we know:
1.Why food gets wasted.
2.Right trick to tackle it.
Many people don’t mind wasting food in parties.

Tip: Adopt a zero food waste policy for your party. Communicate it clearly to guests at the time of invitation.
Bad menu planning.

Tip: Party menu must have likeable foods. Feel free to ask your guests including kids and plan a menu as per their choices.
Wrong estimation where you cook more than actual need.

Tip: Right estimate as per guest count is crucial. If you keep too many dishes, lower the quantity.
People overload their plate but can’t finish it.

Tip: Allow small serving to start with. Serve additional helping only after the first one is finished.
Children at party have no idea how much food they need.

Tip: Their demands should be monitored by adults.
Bulk quantity of edible food from plates goes to waste bin.

Tip: Avail food donation option. Collect all edible food and donate to people in need.
Leftover is treated as garbage.

Tip 1: Keep empty boxes and jars ready to pack extra foods for guests.

Tip 2: Keep your fridge empty. Store leftovers properly and use up in next few days.
A bit of planning and awareness are needed to stop wastage of food in any house party.