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Ultraviolet Protection – 5 Effective UV Safety Measures

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation released from the sun has long-term damaging effects on human health. We must follow the required UV safety guidelines.
We cannot see the ultraviolet light present in soft glow of the sun. This invisible light is bad for our skin and eyes.
Skin problems, skin cancer, cataracts in the eyes, are some of the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to UV radiation.
The Ozone layer present in the atmosphere can block harmful UV rays radiated by the sun.
As this Ozone layer is thinning out fast, we are now at a higher risk of direct exposure to ultraviolet light than ever before.
Hence, adequate UV safety measures are essential before going out in the sun.
Use Sun Protection Clothing.
Wear long sleeve dress, full pants and covered shoes to minimize sun exposure.

Make sure your clothes are made of densely woven, thick fabrics.
Use Sunscreen Lotion / Gel.
Sunscreen lotion is not a beauty product. It saves your skin from the damaging effects of harsh UV radiation.
Buy the Right Sunscreen.
A sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) value 30 or higher is good for UV protection.
Check the SPF value from its label.
Use Sunscreen Properly.
Apply the lotion generously all over the exposed parts of the body 15 minutes before going out. Reapply it after every 2 hours and after washing your face.
Use a Hat.
Select a hat with a brim which is wide enough to cover up your face, ears and neck area.
Use Sunglasses.
Goggles / sunglasses are not optional styling accessories but are essential for eye protection.

Buy good quality UV safety goggles with a label “100% protection against UV 400” on it.
Use an Umbrella.
When you are ready with all UV safety measures, grab a dark colored umbrella before stepping out on a sunny day.
UV Safety for Babies.
Small Babies who are less than 6 months old should not be under direct sunlight.
If they have to go out during the day, cover them up properly.
UV Safety for Small Children.
Kids should wear full sleeves clothing, wide brim hats and UV protection goggles.
Apply sunscreen lotion meant for kids on the exposed parts of their skin.