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The Art of Slow Cooking: Myths vs. Facts

Get a clear idea on how to use a slow cooker…
Slow cooking is a unique technique to cook one pot meal at a low temperature for 4-10 hours.
Slow cooker prepares nutritious and delicious meals provided you handle it correctly and with care. Let’s clear up a few common myths about its usage.
Fact: Slow cooker needs a safe place away from flammable materials. Moreover, be extra careful if there are pets and children at home.
Myth: Place a slow cooker anywhere and start cooking.
Fact: Adding ingredients in uniform layers is the key. Hard to cook items form the base layer and easy to cook delicate veggies are on the topmost layer.
Myth: Dump all ingredients into slow cooker in random order.
Fact: Slow cooker uses low heat and moisture for cooking. Hence, formation of a crispy brown texture is not possible.
Myth: Slow cooking produces crispy, rich brown crust on food surface.
Fact: Stirring food vigorously and too often can turn it into mush.
Myth: Stir food in slow cooker after frequent intervals.
Fact: Opening the lid multiple times delays cooking time due to loss of heat and moisture from slow cooker.
Myth: You can open slow cooker lid to check progress in cooking.
Fact: If you keep slow cooker on for more than the recommended time, food will either get overcooked or turn dry and bland.
Myth: Leave slow cooker unattended for indefinite period.
Fact: Cooking starchy foods like pasta and rice using slow cooking method is not a great idea.
Myth: All recipes are suitable for slow cooking.