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Technology vs. Love: Who Wins?

Reflecting on my thoughts on the role of love in digital era…
Our love for digital world is affecting many loving relationships.
Are we burying this priceless human emotion under technology?
Love is the core essence of human existence. It has a precious presence inside our heart.
Love can light up the darkest and saddest days of our life.
Love has a soothing effect that eases off any excruciating pain.
The joy of meeting someone in person cannot be replaced with chatting on social media.
Knowing that there is someone on this earth who cares is a heart-warming feeling that machine cannot create.

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When we use technology, the device obeys our command and functions as per our plan.
In a love relationship, nothing happens as per our plan. We trust the process.
Overuse of technology is making us impatient. So, if a relationship does not go as per our wish, it leads to fights and conflicts.
High intensity emotions - anger, hatred or fear ruin a loving relationship.
These negative emotions are short-lived but love has the potential to last forever.
Love grows with time but we need to create safe ambience for that.
Right attitude and behaviour towards each other is the key for love to flourish and survive.
People in love must celebrate that they are privileged to have the luxury of love in life.

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If humans ever try to replace love relations with technology, this world will be deprived of many life-enriching effects of love.