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Sun Safety Measures for Infants

What are the challenges of sun safety for infants? Find out here…
Sun safety habits must start from early childhood.
Infants need sun protection to prevent any major damage to their delicate skin and eyes.
Sun safety measures for infants are faced with two challenges.
You cannot use any type of sunscreen lotion on small babies. It is not recommended for their sensitive skin.
On the other hand, you cannot keep them off the touch of sunlight altogether..
Human body prepares Vitamin D with the help of sunlight which makes bones and muscles stronger.
Infants need at least 30 minutes of sun exposure daily.
Best time to give them this healthy sun exposure is early morning or late afternoon.
Keep infants away from direct sunlight during peak hours of 10am-4pm.
Use umbrella to maintain a cool shade around them if you need to take them outdoors during daytime.
When they go out, wrap them up with light fabric clothing. Keep their hands, legs, neck covered as much as possible.
Avoid any heavy clothing as it causes a lot of perspiration under heat.
Babies older than 6 months may wear cute little hat and sunglasses. Provided, they feel happy wearing them!
Infants tend to get dehydrated under the sun. Feed them frequently to meet their fluid requirements.
These sun safety measures for infants should be followed in all seasons of the year and even on a cloudy day.