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Stress Awareness Activities to Overcome Occupational Burnout

Stress awareness activities add meaningful experiences to daily life. Know more…
Stress due to occupational burnout causes discomfort at different levels - physical, mental, and emotional.
Stress awareness activities put mind and body at ease.

You regain control over life. You find happiness and satisfaction in what you do.
Start with stretching.
Body movements get clumsy under stress. Light stretches release tension from muscles and body feels lighter.
Similarly, those who enjoy dancing can use this skill to stretch their body. Rhythmic dance moves give happy feelings.
Listen to music.
Different forms of music affect our mood differently. Pick the right music genre that suits your mood and beat the stress away.
You need not create a perfect painting. Add colors on a canvas or a blank sheet of paper. Let your imagination flow through these colors.
Connect with Nature.
Take interest in ongoing activities of nature. Observe how it changes with time.
Watch sunrise or sunset daily as per your convenience. This scenic beauty alleviates stress and a calmness sets in.
Sit near a window when it is raining outside.
Focus on pitter-patter sounds of rain. It will wash away anxiety issues from your mind.
Nurture a houseplant.
While taking care of a plant, you become aware of various needs of life processes like growth and renewal.
Spend some time watching the lives and activities of birds near house/office. You will never get a dull moment.
Include these stress awareness activities in daily life to overcome occupational burnout and feel motivated to start afresh.