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Space-Making Hacks for Tidier Kitchen

Are you tired of clutter in your kitchen? Take a look at these usable solutions…
You want a tidier kitchen to prevent unwanted bacterial growth and make it a safe space. Declutter it with these smart storage ideas.
Prefer pull-out drawers to fixed kitchen cabinets. Then arrange plethora of items in a compact space.
Add utensil hook system
 on underused kitchen walls like backsplash to hang mugs, pans, knives, aprons spatulas, and more.
Kitchen Utensil Hanger Rail
Push Button Jar Set
Wall-mounted grocery containers are also available to utilize wall space. It does not occupy kitchen shelf.
Stackable containers are ideal for small or moderate quantity grocery items. Get extra space for other things on shelves.
Use a handy storage box with multiple sections to organize frequently used loose spices in one single package.
Build shelves or cabinets above refrigerator to utilize its top space. This will reduce clutter on countertops.
A folding table is perfect for meal preparation. Tuck it in one corner once your task is over.
Dish Drainer Rack
Drying rack for washed dishes and utensils will ensure a tidier sink area.
There are kitchen tools and accessories that you don’t need often like baking sheets, pie tray, etc. Move those items out of kitchen area.
  Finally, remove all cookbooks, recipe cutouts of magazines/newspapers from kitchen. Most recipes are now available online.