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Solo Female Travel Vs. Group Travel - How to Make the Right Choice?

Reflecting upon some misconceptions about women traveling alone. Read on…
Solo travel is going on your own without any travel partner.
Group travel is travelling with a group of people who may or may not be known to you. It is mostly planned and managed by tour companies.
Solo travel does not suit every woman.
Pay attention to 5 key factors to make the right choice.
Purpose of Travel.
Women travelling to run away from madding crowd around them should opt for solo travel...
Those who enjoy social aspects of travelling and love to share their experience with others should go with a group or a partner.
In solo trip, you prepare an itinerary as per your preferences. Introverts grab this chance to get lost while exploring new places...
In group travel itinerary, you have restrictions. You cannot break the schedule and visit places which attract you.
Solo travelers make sudden changes in travel plans. You can overstay at a place if you like the ambience...
In group travel, you cannot take spontaneous decision to modify course of journey.
Travel Budget.
Plan your solo trip in advance with good research to save a lot of money...
Cost of travel is often higher in a group as bulk bookings can be expensive. You may have to spend in activities which do not interest you.
Personal Safety Issue.
To explore an uncharted territory, it is safer to travel in a group for the first time...
When you have no idea about the destination, your co-travelers can help. Once you are familiar with the place, plan a solo trip next time!