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Solo Female Travel: Minimalist Packing Tips for a Week

Know what to pack and what to ditch in luggage for solo female travel…
Most solo female travelers want to pack light but they often end up with a heavy luggage.
Overpacking makes solo female travel stressful for 2 reasons:

1. You cannot move around freely.
2. Bad people may target you to steal your stuff.
These minimalist packing tips will let you enjoy a carefree solo trip without bothering about luxury and style.
Take a medium-size backpack with inside pockets to organise things. It is easy to carry. Unlike suitcase, it keeps your hands free.
You need 3-4 pairs of casual wear and a sleep wear for a weeklong trip.
Select clothes made of soft and wrinkle-resistant fabrics.
Palazzo, skirt, capris, and track pants give a breezy feel. Pair them up with nice contrasting color tops and shirts for a new look every day.
A big scarf has many roles during travel.
Wrap around if you feel cold, cover up head, use as face mask, tie like a belt and more.
Pack fancy heels only if you have any special plan to dine out. Otherwise, it's not a good walking shoe.
A pair of flat sandals or flipflops is better.
Take toiletries and skin care products in mini size containers to save space.
Carry a microfiber bath towel. Light in weight and does not occupy much space in luggage. It is also easy to wash and dry.
Reusable water bottle and ready to eat snacks. You never know when you will feel hungry or thirsty.
As per weather condition at the destination, pack right protective wear (sweater, rain jacket), waterproof shoes, umbrella, hat, etc.
Wear heavier items like jacket, jeans, and shoes for travel. Put the lighter ones in luggage.
Do not miss cable lock and chain. These are essential to keep your luggage safe when you leave it unattended.
Trust a tote bag to stuff items that you need on the go:
a. First aid supplies
b. Charger, power bank.
c. Headphones, ear plugs.
d. Hard copy of travel docs tickets, passport, etc.
Expensive and delicate items.
If you break or lose any of them, you will feel disheartened.
What to Ditch
Try to travel without laptop, hair styling tools, makeup kit, and heavy jewelry. These items eat up too much space.
What to Ditch
Use these minimalist packing tips to live with less for a week. You have all travel essentials but without any clutter.