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Solo Female Travel - 12 Mistakes You Can Avoid

Solo female travel can be empowering if you avoid certain mistakes. Know more…
Solo female travel is thrilling for those who are curious to explore new places on their own.
Before travelling solo, be aware of some mistakes that can ruin your trip or put you in danger.
Inadequate research about safety and security.
Find out first if the place is safe as a solo female travel destination.
Lack of knowledge of local conditions.
Visuals on social media look great but visit a place only if its climate, altitude, food, and culture suit you.
Jam-packed schedule.
You may get stranded due to bad weather or other problems. Make a flexible travel plan to adjust with unexpected changes.
Heavy luggage.
Traveling light is always a good idea. A heavy luggage slows you down. Even chances of theft increases.
Overdoing social media.
You may miss out real fun moments in lovely places while adding perfect filters to pictures. It is better to share photos after return.
Clicking selfie everywhere.
There are holy places, risky spots, and sensitive areas where photography is prohibited. Abide by law to avert trouble.
Trusting unknown people.
Sharing itinerary, local address, personal details with friendly strangers can be dangerous.
No contact with people back home.
Share daily updates with someone about how you are doing. They can help if emergency situation arises.
Avoiding local people.
Nobody knows the area better than the locals. Interact with them and never ignore their warnings / suggestions.
Littering tourist spots.
Take care of local environment. Carry a bag to collect your empty bottles, cups, food packets, straws and dispose them in hotel trash bin late
Ignoring basic health needs.
While travelling, if you skip meals and hydration needs, you will fall sick. Stay fit to enjoy the trip.
Travel burnout.
Solo female travel causes exhaustion as you handle so many travel needs. Prevent burnout with enough breaks in between to rest and relax.
Avoid these solo female travel mistakes and you can have fun without any fear or worry.