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Simplify Your Life – 7 Practical Steps

Reflecting upon personal interpretation of the concept ‘simplify your life’ here.
Simplify your life means simplifying your physical world as well as emotional world.
Why simplify?
a. To reduce complications in your system.
b. To preserve positive energy around and within you.
Here we go...
Indulge in self-care.
Figure out what is best for your physical and emotional comfort. Give highest priority to that.
Follow a minimalist lifestyle.
Owning up more does not earn you happiness.
It may promote greed which is not a happy feeling.
Learn to let go.
Clinging on to any form of attachment that drains out your energy will keep you in pain.
Avoid multitasking.
Finish one task at a time. It will prevent any extra burden on mind and body.
Resist temptation to fulfil other’s expectations.
Devote time and energy in activities which give you a sense of fulfilment.
Nurture simple thoughts.
Negative thoughts complicate your mental space with fear and anxiety...
Positive thoughts are simple that keep you optimistic and can amplify happiness from little things in life.
Be flexible and adaptable.
 As you simplify lifestyle, you are modifying many old habits. A rigid mindset resists this learning process.
Simplify your life to cultivate sustainable happiness.
You have nothing to prove to the outside world.