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Simple Minimalist Lifestyle – 5 Reasons to Live with Less

People who vouch for minimalist lifestyle keep their needs and demands bare minimum. Here, I reflect upon the key reasons to live with less.
Minimalism existed in our society for centuries. It involves certain lifestyle choices where we meticulously identify and retain essential materials for living and get rid of those which are unnecessary.
Minimalist lifestyle got maximum acceptance during lockdowns due to the pandemic. The crisis period taught us to live with minimum available resources.
Many people continue to live that simple lifestyle which they once embraced out of compulsion. Here are the 5 main reasons behind it -
In the era of materialism, we tend to judge people with their clothes, shoes, jewellery, watches, cars they are driving, city / locations where they are living, and so on.
Some thoughtful minds adopt minimalist lifestyle simply because they feel uncomfortable in this consumer driven mindset. The instinct to show off or display what one can afford to possess bothers them.
The undemanding minimalist living brings immense personal satisfaction. I am happy with what I have and don’t ask for more.
People discovered minimalism can bring so much happiness and sense of fulfilment in their life.
Minimalism often converts rigid people into flexible and adaptable human beings. When you don’t have something, you learn to manage your life without it.
Minimalists keep what provides maximum value in their life and remove the rest. Thus, distractions are minimized which in turn add time and space for things which matter the most.
A parting note for aspiring minimalists - Choose minimalist lifestyle for a better living. Don’t be a minimalist to get validation from people around you.