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Shopping Addiction - 6 Early Signs You Must Know

Getting over shopping addiction is easier when you know its signs and symptoms. Learn more…
When I became financially independent, I made it a rule that every Monday I should go to office wearing a new dress.
I felt left out if I did not purchase any new dress in a week.
This was an early sign of my shopping addiction.
People may say women get addicted to shopping but I have seen shopaholic men  needlessly buying expensive stuff.
Frequent shoppers, men or women, should watch out for these early signs of shopping addiction.
1. Your wardrobe is overpacked with clothes but still you feel the need to go for shopping every week.
2. You are easily drawn towards ads showing attractive items and feel convinced to purchase them.
3. You cannot control yourself from shopping when a discount offer is available.
4. You feel satisfied only after picking up a few extra items which are not in your shopping list.
5. You often forget limits of your shopping budget and overspend.
6. You feel a sense of guilt after wasting money in buying useless things.
All these are early signs of shopping addiction and it's not yet a clinical issue. Accept it as an unhealthy habit and get out of it.
When shopping addiction is associated with underlying stress and anxiety, seek professional help.