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Refrigerator Organizing Ideas for Indian Kitchen

Refrigerator organizing ideas help in two ways:
a. Keep it neat and tidy.
b. Prevent food spoilage and foul smell.
Top Shelf
This is a warmer zone and is ideal for quick to access food - leftovers, takeouts, and snacks.
Middle Shelf
Store milk and dairy products here as this section is neither too warm nor too cold.
Bottom Shelf
Keep this one for storing raw meat and fish to avoid cross-contamination with other raw foods.
The fridge door tends to be quite warm. Do not keep perishable items like eggs there.
32 Grid Egg Holder
Use this box to keep eggs fresh and secure them in right position.
Selection of wrong containers often affect quality of stored food. Always go for airtight containers to retain freshness for longer duration.
2 Section Airtight Container
This is a multipurpose container set to store leftovers, snack items and dairy products (cheese, butter).
Stackable Kitchen Containers
Put these containers one over another and save a lot of space on each shelf.
Keep fruits and vegetables separate in the crisper drawers to prevent them from affecting each other's ripening process.
Storage Box for Fridge
Utilize these flat containers to sort fresh fruits and veggies inside fridge.
Unripe fruits and vegetables should be stored in open bowl at room temperature.
Some food (e.g. potato, garlic, onions) don't need refrigeration. Do not overload fridge with these items.