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Reflective Journal Writing - 6 Things You Learn as a Writer

Reflective journal writing gives a few good lessons to aspiring writers. Know more…
As a teenager, journaling for me was keeping a record of major events of my daily life. I lost interest in that form of writing after growing up.
As an adult, I learned to reflect upon thoughts crossing my mind and note them down. This changed my writing experience forever.
6 Learning Experiences from Reflective Journal Writing
Theme of reflective journaling is your life story and is written for the reader dwelling in you.

Here, you get an idea how well your readers can connect with your writing.
Reflective journal has minute details of both positive and negative events of your life.

This gives you a lesson on how to express various emotions using right set of words.
You reflect on your 1st, 2nd and last impressions of a person, place, or incident in a reflective journal.
Your lesson here is how to document a chain of thoughts in right order.
Writers must dig deeper into their thoughts in order to get perfect words for writing.

 With regular reflective journaling, you can master this skill.
Reviewing old pages of journal you identify the pattern of your mistakes while writing.

The writer in you will be careful not to repeat them.
Last but not the least, reflective journal writing helps you to discover your authentic self which in turn boosts your confidence to create realistic write ups.