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Prevent Wastage of Food While Cooking: 8 Tips for Home Cooks

Reflecting upon ways and means to cut down food waste while cooking. Find more…
Huge amount of edible food gets wasted daily during harvesting, storage and transportation which is not in our control.
Wastage also happens in households during cooking which we can control with a little bit of care and planning.
Cook meals with planned menu where old perishable foods (vegetables, poultry) are used up before spoilage.
Cook as much as you need. Excess leftover foods often become unmanageable and turn bad inside refrigerator.
When unsure about outcome of a new recipe, prepare in small amount first. If it works, cook in bulk next time.
Do not reject any vegetable just because it looks ugly. Even if it looks imperfect, its nutritional value and taste remain perfect.
Fresh leafy vegetables may get wilted with time inside refrigerator but those are still edible. Instead of throwing away, put them in soup.
While cooking or heating food, be careful not to burn it and make it inedible.
Careless handling of food leads to dropping and spilling which must be prevented.
Sometimes, we waste food ingredients in garnishing that can improve visual appeal only. Try to avoid it where you can.
Prevention of food wastage is essential at every level in order to preserve valuable natural resources. As home cooks, you can contribute using these simple tricks.