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Plant Care: Where to Place Indoor Plants in Home?

Proper placement of indoor plants in your house is crucial to keep them happy, healthy and beautiful.
We love to keep indoor plants in living room as we spend most of our waking hours there.
Keeping an indoor plant with scented flowers inside bedroom is also an excellent idea.

Natural fragrance has a calming effect that induces deep sleep.
Problem arises when we overlook basic needs of houseplants and place them anywhere to beautify the interiors.
Place a plant inside a room on the basis of its light and temperature requirements.
Most indoor plants prefer a bright corner near a window facing South or East or West.

However, avoid direct sunlight exposure on it in any part of the day.
A room with window facing North direction cannot provide enough sunlight.

 Here, plants with low light requirement like those with large, thick leaves can survive well.
Indoor plants can bear heat in summer and cold in winter.

Adjusting with fluctuating temperatures through the day is challenging for them.
Select a position that retains a temperature within a range of 16-24 degrees Celsius all through the day.
 4 More Points You Must Know:

Indoor plants need a clean and tidy place.
Dusts can clog pores in leaves and suffocate the plants.
Do not place indoor plants at the center of a room. Set them up along the walls or at the corners.
Do not change position of houseplants too often. It is stressful for them.
When you keep more than one plant in a room, place them close to each other.

Maintain enough gap to ensure their branches do not get entangled.