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Overcoming Shopping Addiction - 7 Helpful Tips and Tricks

Control over shopping addiction is possible with simple tips and tricks given here…
Many of us have gone through a phase when we went for shopping every other day.
Initially, as teenagers and young adults, we assume shopping is a harmless recreational activity.
Then a phase comes when we need to hide from family our shopped items to avoid any conflict with them.
This is a warning sign and we must act. Here are some tips and tricks which you can follow to escape shopping addiction.
Stop shopping altogether for some weeks or months. If you need something, ask friends or family members to buy it.
Uninstall shopping apps and unsubscribe retailer e-mails. You will neither get notification on latest discount offers nor any temptation to shop impulsively.
Stay away from friends who are frequent shoppers and discuss shopping all the time.
Shift your focus on an activity that will keep you occupied. Your urge for shopping will die out due to lack of time.
When you go out, do not carry any bank cards or enough cash. Make sure your digital wallet has a low balance too.
Keep a detailed account of daily expenses to be mindful about your spending. It helps to set limits when you go shopping.
Let a trusted friend or family member take charge of your finances for some time.
Overcoming shopping addiction may take 3-6 months provided it is not caused due to emotional disorders. 
Any one who is obsessed with shopping to get over stress, anxiety or loneliness must opt for professional therapy.