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Overcoming Creative Anxiety - 5 Quick Tips for Budding Writers

Reflecting upon my journey of overcoming creative anxiety as a budding writer…
Most writers can relate to the word “creative anxiety”. It is a strange feeling – a mix of both excitement and nervousness.
Budding writers strongly face this hurdle before starting a creative work and before sharing it with the world.
As a budding writer, anxiety before writing was manageable for me as I love to write.
I was too possessive about my creation. Thoughts of outside world doing scrutiny of my work often made me crazy.
My quick tips on overcoming creative anxiety will help budding writers to step out of their fear zone.
Play with your ideas. Learn to process your thoughts first. You need not create something brilliant every time you sit to write.
Keep in mind you are writing because you love the craft. Even if it turns out ugly, you can rewrite to make it beautiful.
Never stop creative work just because you are anxious. Such feelings subside as you proceed with your writing.
Accept that a writing cannot be perfect. A writer must feel a consistent flow in all passages. After that, the writeup is good to go.
As a writer, we tend to think deeply. If we use this habit to nurture negative thoughts, then our mistakes may look like a dark monster.
Hence, we must learn to be mindful and deeply focus on positive thoughts only. A happy mind always creates good views, opinions, and ideas.
Overcoming creative anxiety becomes easier as you understand different stages of writing, what works for you and what does not.
To get there, you need to practice a lot. Grab a pen and paper or keyboard and start writing now!