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Overcoming Bad Spending Habits - 7 Helpful Tips for Women

Learn how to change bad spending habits...
Women work hard to build her career and gain financial freedom. She earns well but still needs financial support from others.
Do you find yourself in similar position?
Here are some tips to break bad spending habits and get out of cash-strapped situation.
Clothes Shopping: Take a challenge and don't buy any new dress for a month.
Money saved up in a month will motivate you to take this challenge for few more months.
Makeup: You buy dozens of expensive makeup items but rarely use them.
Finish unused makeup. Mix various colors of makeup to create a unique shade of your choice.
Online Shopping: Are you always glued to shopping apps? Then it's tough to control the urge to shop.
Delete those apps from mobile phone to check overspending.
Coffee and Snacks: Heading to your favorite café daily can cost you a fortune.
Start enjoying homemade coffee and save the money.
Dining Out. Those who dine out often don’t look at prices on menu card.
Before placing an order, check out prices of dishes and calculate your final bill...
You can feel a pinch shelling out a hefty sum for one meal in fancy restaurant. It will force you to set a limit of dining out only once a week.
Monthly Subscription Plans: You subscribe to various paid services of music apps, live streaming, e-magazines with a nominal fee...
When you add up all such subscription fees, it's a big amount. Unsubscribe those plans which you never use.
Non-payment of Credit Card Dues: If you don't clear credit card bill on time, you are charged a high interest.
Make it a habit to clear dues every month and stop paying extra.
Overcoming bad spending habits brings relief from financial pressure and growth in savings.