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Opinion: Weird Things Ice Cream Lovers Do

Ice cream lovers end up doing many weird things. Scoop up to know more…
I learned from a friend that ice cream lovers are called “FRIGOPHILL”. It sounds quite weird.
Isn’t it?
She is like “It has to be weird because you all act so bizarre to express delight for this frozen dessert”.
Her remark made me reflect on 8 weird things ice cream lovers often do to savor its rich, velvety flavor.
We can eat ice cream at any time of the day. We are ready to include it in our breakfast too.
On a bad day when everything is going wrong, we just need ice cream therapy. Even in winter months!
When I have a scratchy throat and ice cream craving at the same time, I heat a scoop of ice cream in microwave for a few seconds. Then eat it without guilt.
We have our innovative ways to relish ice cream.
I know people who eat ice cream with a fork and avoid spoon.
We do a lot of fun stuff with classic vanilla ice cream. People add soy sauce or olive oil or chili powder as topping to get a unique taste.
Have you tried vanilla ice cream with crushed chips sprinkled over it?
You will enjoy that crunchy texture and salty flavour of chips with ice cream.
My brain freezes if I spot an ice cream store somewhere I least expect. All thoughts hover around ice cream to trigger strong craving for a treat.
We cherish every flavor of ice cream. We feel left out in the cold until we taste that newest flavour entering the market!
“Studies show that 4 out 5 people love ice cream. The fifth person never admits it.”