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Opinion: How Gardening Can Influence Happiness?

Had a bad day at work? Go to garden.
Feeling unwell? Go to garden.
Feeling confused? Go to garden!
All these instances prove that garden is our happy place. The moment we enter that green zone, our mood shifts to happier side.
This is no big secret, as human beings, we have always lived with nature. So, when we get closer to nature, our stress level goes down.
Spending time in garden helps you understand special needs of each plant. Thus, a deep emotional bond grows between you two.
As you monitor closely different phases of a plant life, coping with constant changes in life get easier.
Gardening trains us to accept the pace of nature. It is never in hurry but accomplish everything with consistency.
A garden requires a lot of care and nursing. Through this process we realize patience is the key to happiness in life.
Nature is full of beauty. Under the sun, bright and beautiful flowers look like smileys of the universe.
There are many different shades of green in a garden. This richness of greenery all around soothes our senses.
The most satisfying part is harvesting flowers/fruits/ vegetables from plants which you have nurtured for months.
Gardening is an art. Your artistic touch makes a garden attractive. Cultivating this creative skill promotes emotional wellbeing.
Gardening influence our happiness by keeping us grounded with good vibes of nature.