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Multitasking: Helpful or Harmful?

Human multitasking is highly appreciated in our society. However, is multitasking helpful or harmful? Let’s reflect upon it.
Multitasking is all about doing multiple tasks at the same time.
In modern lifestyle, we are always running short of time. When we have to handle too many responsibilities, there is no choice but to embrace multitasking.
While multitasking, most people feel a sense of dissatisfaction brewing in them because it is not as simple and easy as it is made out to be.
Some of us don’t even try multitasking because we do not have the ability to switch from one task to another quickly.
Limitations of Human Multitasking
The quality of work gets compromised as there is always an urgency to finish the work fast...
Due to lack of adequate attention, people end up making more mistakes.
While multitasking, people often do not realize they are actually taking longer time to complete one single task.
Multitaskers have short attention span and it gets difficult for them to learn anything new which require a deep focus.
Multitasking is frustrating when output / productivity decreases and mistakes and errors in the tasks increases.
Multitasking puts up additional burden on the mind. Prolonged multitasking adversely impacts memory and people tend to forget things easily.
Creative thinking takes a back seat. Our brain fails to come up with new ideas. Problem solving skills, decision making skills also get affected.
CONCLUSION - Multitasking in an emergency situation is fine as it will be only for a short span of time. Too much of multitasking is bad for your mind and body.