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List of Activities to Soak in the Calmness of Hillside

Feel the calmness of hillside with these simple activities…
Travelers who wish to soak in the calmness of hillside do not include adventure sports in their trip.
They like to unwind on the lap of nature in a quiet, scenic hillside retreat.
Here is a list of interesting non-adventurous activities to soak in the calmness of hillside.
Watch sunrise while sipping hot morning tea/coffee.
The view of first golden rays of the rising sun brightens up your entire day.
Listen to chirping birds.
Close your eyes and hear numerous bird species interact with their community.
Soothe your ears with rare natural sounds of various types and patterns.
Absorb absolute calmness of the ambience inside you to feel harmony of body and mind. You cannot get such tranquility in a noisy city.
Boating in a hillside river.
Amid calmness, rhythmic sounds of flowing river echoing in neighboring hills feels like music to the ears.
Catch the sunset.
The sun hiding behind beautiful landscapes looks fabulous. You will cherish these moments forever.
You cannot miss stargazing in a trip to the hills.
High altitude, clean air and a flashy bright sky create a dazzling sight before your eyes.
Capture every panoramic view in your camera. Never mind if your photographic skills are not great. Every shot looks perfect here!
Captivate your thoughts of pristine beauty around you through journaling, poetry, painting, sketching, etc.
Before you start these activities to soak in the calmness of hillside, disconnect from all digital devices to focus on the present moment.