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Life with Limited Screen Time - 9 Positive Effects

Screen time is the number of hours we glare at screens of electronic devices. Life with limited screen time ensures 9 positive health effects.
What is Screen Time?
Look at this head down posture. It causes severe strain on the neck. Limit daily screen time to prevent persistent neck and back pain.
Portable Laptop Stand
Adjust the height of this foldable laptop stand to maintain a comfortable body posture.
Foldable Desktop Phone Stand
Fix your phone on this desktop stand at proper viewing angle and get relief from neck strain.
Constant scrolling of a screen gives stiff, painful thumb and finger joints. Less screen time is vital for resting aching fingers.
People get digital eye strain due to overuse of smartphone, computer, etc. Reduce screen time to relax eye muscles.
Limited screen time not only relieves eye strain but also eliminates the main trigger of frequent headaches.
Eye drops alone cannot treat scratchy dry eye symptoms. Take breaks from screen and start normal blinking.
There is no physical movement as you sit with phone for hours. Get off the screen and indulge in sufficient physical activity.
Staring at screen during bedtime causes sleep disruption. Leave your phone outside bedroom for a sound sleep at night.
Heavy use of social media may set unrealistic expectations and make real life toxic. Unplug to reflect upon who you are and connect with your real self.
Set aside phone to have a face-to-face talk with your partner. You will understand each other better and build a happy relationship.
Along with a life with limited screen time, go for checkup once every year and reduce the risk of screen-related eye issues.