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Learning Foreign Language - 10 Best Practices

French is my choice of foreign language and I am processing it well.
Sharing a set of guidelines that produce excellent learning outcomes.
Set your own specific goals and try to meet that target. Learning style and pace are different for every individual.
Some people may tell you that they have mastered a language in 3 weeks or 5 weeks. Do not feel disappointed if you take more time.
Practice daily for at least 15-30 minutes. Never skip that. Lack of practice can hinder your learning progress.
Gain confidence in writing and speaking skills first. Shift your focus on mastering the grammar afterwards.
Pay attention to the basic pattern of phrasing a sentence. For example - In French, we do not say “Mexican restaurant”. We say “restaurant Mexicaine”.
Use pen and paper to write new words and sentences. Writing on paper makes it easier to remember the spellings.
Say it loud when you write down a new word. Do not mind your awkward pronunciation. It gets better with practice.
Improve your listening skills. Watch TV shows and movies. Note various styles of expression of the same language by different speakers.
Enjoy the learning process.  Do not lose motivation if more mistakes happens as you advance. Practice more to bring perfection.
You may have interest in many foreign languages. Learn them one by one. Otherwise, you cannot gain proficiency in any of them.