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Is Hard Water Damaging Your Skin?

Learn about skin damaging effects of hard water and its remedies…
Hard water contains high amount of alkaline salts of calcium and magnesium in a dissolved state.
How to know if it is hard water?
Store water in a tub for some time. You will find a thin layer of salt deposits (limescale) on its surface.
These dissolved salts also prevent lather formation when we mix soap and hard water.
How hard water is damaging your skin?
Our skin has a slightly acidic pH value. Alkaline salts of hard water disturb its pH balance...
Due to pH imbalance, protective outer layer of skin breaks down. Skin becomes prone to diseases and disorders.
Harsh minerals of hard water strip off natural oils and skin moisture. It turns dry, flaky, and irritated.
Salt residues from hard water clog skin pores. As a result, acne, blackheads, and whiteheads break out.
Too much of dryness leads to dull, rough, and uneven skin tone.
Skin Care Routine for Protection from Hard Water.
Select a soap-free face wash. Its moisturizing components hydrate and soothe dry, irritated skin.
Gently exfoliate skin twice a week with a homemade face scrub made by mixing coffee grounds and water.
After every wash, pat dry skin with soft towel to prevent any further irritation.
Next, rub a natural skin toner made of aloe vera. It clears up traces of impurities and restores pH balance of your skin.
Apply a good quality, fragrance-free moisturizer when your skin is still damp.
Use a facial mist made of distilled water or rose water. Spray it all over your face several times a day to refresh skin.
Most importantly, install a home water softener. This mechanical device can remove heavy minerals and prevent skin damage from hard water.