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Introverts and Friendship – Myths vs. Facts

On the eve of Friendship Day, quashing some myths about introverts and friendship here…
Introverts are those people who do not talk much and are happy in their own company.
As an introvert, we often come across people who refer us as “that silent friend”.
We don’t bother about any remarks as we are inwardly focused and unapologetic about our silent nature.
Here, I need to clear 5 common confusions regarding introverted ways of friendship.
Myth: Friendship with introverts is not easy.

Fact: We are closed off in front of strangers.
As we know you better, we are easy going and can share a deep bonding.
Myth: Introverts can be friend with introverts only.

Fact: Opposites attract. Extroverts are naturally drawn towards introverts as they get an expert listener in an introvert.
Myth: Introverts don’t socialize with their friends.

 Fact: We have limited social energy and can’t interact in a group. We prefer one-on-one conversation in social gatherings.
Myths: You cannot have fun with introvert friends.

Fact: We rarely enjoy noisy parties.
 If you are interested in non-noisy, meaningful conversations and activities, you can join us and have fun.
Myth: Introvert friends can be toxic with silent treatment.

Fact: We are too emotionally sensitive to pull down or hurt someone intentionally.
 Introverts are not friendly as extroverts. True, but we value each and every friend we have and never let them down.