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Indoor Plant Care: Brown Leaves on Plants

Brown leaves on plants can be a sign of mistakes made in daily plant care. Learn more...
Brown leaves diminish visual appeal of a lovely indoor plant.
Initially, you notice tip of the leaf is brown. Later, the whole leaf turns brown, crispy, and fragile.
Browning of leaf suggests your plant is not getting a healthy living environment.
Here are 5 basic problems which you have to take care for beautiful healthy leaves on indoor plants.
Scorching sunlight.
Most indoor plants don’t like direct sunlight. The heat often burns their leaves...
What to do.
 Move your plant away from direct sun.
Insufficient light.
A plant kept at a dark corner gets brown leaves on one side which is away from light...
What to do.
Bring the plant to a good position where it can get enough bright daylight.
Underwatering of plant.
When there is a long gap in watering schedule, leaves near base of plant curl up at the edges and turn brown...
What to do.
Start watering it more frequently. Add adequate amount of water which the soil can assimilate.
Overwatering of plant.
Too much of water in potted plants damages its roots which results in brown leaves on plants...
What to do.
Check the soil first. If it feels dry, then apply water.
Drain out excess water out of the pot after every watering session.
Dry indoor environment.
Lack of humidity in the indoor environment can dry up the leaves on indoor plant...
What to do.
 Sprinkle water on leaves to protect them from dry air.
Bring other indoor plants in the room closer to improve humidity level.
Aging is another cause of browning of leaves.
These are dead leaves found at the lower part of the stem which will eventually fall off and make space for new growth.
Final Note:
Pinch off or cut the entire brown leaf when 50 percent or more of it has turned brown to retain healthy look of your indoor plant.