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Indoor Plant Care: 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Indoor plant care does not require a lot of effort but you have to avoid some mistakes to keep the plants healthy.
Every plant grower tries to provide best care to the indoor plants.

Still, mistakes happen which cause harm to the plant. In such cases, take prompt action to save the plant.
Mistake 1: Wrong selection of pots.
An oversized pot holds excess water for a long time that leads to rotting of the roots.

A small pot cannot provide enough space for growth and development of plant roots.
Finalize size of a pot for indoor plant with care.

Always keep size of the pot 2 inches larger than roots of the plant.
Mistake 2: Overexposure to sunlight.
Direct sunlight is bad for indoor plants. It can dehydrate the plant and burn its leaves.
Position the plant in a place where it can receive enough soft light throughout the day but no direct sunlight.
Mistake 3: Ignoring signs of overwatering.
2 visible signs are leaves turning droopy and mold growth on soil surface.

 You will get a moldy smell when you go near the plant.
Drain out excess water from soil immediately.

Indoor plants don’t require much water. When soil turns dry and light in color means it’s time to water the plants.
Mistake 4: Ignoring signs of dehydration.
No moisture in soil, wrinkles on leaves, outer edge of leaves are yellowish brown indicate your plant badly needs some water.
Apply sufficient amount of water to make the dry soil moist.

You may not see results instantly but your plant will bounce back in 24 hours.
Mistake 5: Ignoring signs of pest infestation.
Pests and diseases are not common in houseplants but still you must be watchful.
Spray a mild soap and water solution to wash off pests from leaves.

Alternatively, you can spray some lukewarm water over leaves to destroy pests.
Mistake 6: Ignoring dirt accumulation on plants.
Layers of dirt accumulated on pores of plant leaves often suffocate them.
Wipe off dirt and dust from leaves using a soft, damp cloth and let them breathe freely.