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How to Write Better: 9 Basic Writing Tips for Beginners

Reflecting upon some common mistakes in writing. Read on…
I am  picking out 9 mistakes which writers must avoid while creating an engaging content so that the readers get a delightful experience.
Writing in haste. 
Give yourself enough time to prepare a good write up. Otherwise, the output will make you and your readers unhappy.
Trying to create a flawless sentence in first attempt. 
A writer must be willing to rewrite every sentence several times to make it perfect.
Incorrect tone in writing.
Set proper tone for the content.

An informal tone with funny elements for academic subjects are unacceptable.
Wrong selection of words.
Express yourself with relevant words for a lasting impression in reader's mind.
Writing in passive voice.
Active voice gives better clarity to a piece of writing.
Adding too many details.
Avoid this because readers will find it boring and lose interest in reading.
Repeating words in a sentence.
Search out an appropriate synonym for that word instead.
Random use of adverb.
 Depreciates the quality of a writing. Where possible, replace adverbs with stronger verb or adjective.
Too many words create chaos in reader's mind. Remove clutters to make the sentences clear and concise.
These writing mistakes I have made in the past as a budding writer and never want to repeat them.