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How to Travel Solo Successfully - 10 Tips for Female Travellers

Here are some simple tips for your solo trip…
Women who want to travel freely opt to go solo. You need a good preparation to make your trip enjoyable and memorable.
1. Those women who do not like too much of crowd around should take a vacation offseason when others are not travelling.
2. Plan a trip 2-3 months in advance to get cheaper flight tickets.
Money saved in airfare can be utilized during course of travel.
3. Do your research about the place, local food, and culture.
Learn a few words in local language like Thank you, Sorry, Please, How are you, etc.
4. Pick right hotel.
Check hotel room photos and reviews before booking. Easy access to transport, tourist spots, food joints
 from hotel are equally important.
5. Pack essentials only for a light travel.
Carry hard copy of tickets, ID proofs, booking details, even if e-copy is on your smartphone…
Vegetarians should pack some light snacks. In case you don't get veg food, you will not sleep hungry.
6. Keep some cash in hand.
If cards are not accepted, there is no one to lend money in a new place.
7. Share your itinerary with close friends and family members only and not on social media. You can post pictures after return.
8. Plan your schedule properly.
On arrival, relax and take some time to feel the place. Then venture into sightseeing.
9. Do not share personal info with strangers - hotel staff, cab drivers, tour guides, other tourists, etc.
10. Enjoy your trip confidently.
Don’t do anything to bring attention on you. If you sense a person, place or situation is not right, just move out.