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How to Support Women in the Workplace

Reflecting upon the kind of support women deserve in their workplace…
A progressive mindset in an organization sets up the career of a woman on right path..
Here are 8 simple ways a team can motivate and support woman colleagues in the workplace.
Let her career grow without bondages of age old stereotypical mental biases like women are emotional or women love gossiping.
Professional front of every woman is different. It's not fair to generalize all of us under one category.
A woman knows her efficiency is as good as men. Her team must also show faith in her talent and abilities.
She deserves equality in terms of remuneration. Gender pay gap is the most demotivating factor in a woman’s career.
This trend to discard or disrupt a strong opinion just because it is voiced by a woman must stop now.
When she fails to manage challenges, do not blame it on her gender. Failure is a part of life. It comes to both, men and women.
Do not judge her emotional outburst. Normalize it as men too lose their temper at workplace.
Try to minimize her difficulty. She can solve problems on her own but do not put extra pressure when she is in trouble.
Women across all sectors are pinning their hopes that fair treatment at workplace will be a reality very soon.