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How to Spend a Day Without Coffee?

Enjoy some witty and helpful ideas to spend a day without coffee...
“Coffee is a dark, magical substance that turns LEAVE ME ALONE to GOOD MORNING.”
This quote defines how coffee lovers all over the world feel about the role of coffee in their daily life.
How long can you go without coffee?
One day (I guess).
Quitting coffee is not easy. Take this challenge light-heartedly and spend a day without coffee.
Start your day with peppermint tea.
Mint flavor of this herbal tea gives a refreshing taste and is a great energy booster.
You may feel “Coffee machine is the most BEAUTIFUL PERSON in this world.”
Be careful, getting closer to it is a bad idea on this day.
Keep a stress journal to note down:
- Your feelings on this temporary SEPARATION from coffee machine.

- How much LOST and LONELY you feel when you are away from it.
Replace 8 cups of coffee in a day with 8 cups of ice-cold water.
Small sips of water suppress urge to drink coffee and keep you hydrated.
Remind yourself Again and again:
“I like coffee because it gives me the ILLUSION that I might be awake.” - Lewis Black
The moment you feel: “A day without coffee, is like a day without SUNSHINE”, go outdoors to spend some time with nature and feel the real sunshine.
Go to bed early on this day and sleep a few hours extra. Anyways you will feel sleepy all day and cannot remain alert without coffee.
If you can spend a day without coffee, you have crossed a big hurdle.
Now, go without coffee once a week. Then twice a week and so on.
Thus, you need to trick your brain to cut down on coffee gradually.