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How to Regain Your Calm After Making Mistakes

Reflecting upon my self-talk that helps me to regain calm after making mistakes…
We all have made our share of mistakes in the past. We cannot change or erase them.
Some of those mistakes tend to give us a lot of discomfort. However, shrinking with guilt is not a solution.
Here are the key points that I take care of in my self-talk to regain calm after making mistakes:
Do not try to run away from your mistake or deny it. Rather, owning up the mistake brings a lot of relief.
Do not blame anyone else for your mistake. Accept that it was your fault and you are responsible for it.
As an introvert, I am selective about people with whom I Interact during this recovery period.
I love to be in the company of people who do not want any sort of discussion on the mistake I have recently made.
Have some ME time. Be with yourself. No one can be as good as you are to yourself.
Treat your mistake with lots of love and kindness. Tell yourself that the situation went beyond your control for a moment.
Think about one or two big mistakes from distant past. You will realize those mistakes helped you to grow.
Believe that, it (mistake) is here to teach you some lessons.
The discomfort will disappear as soon as your learning process is over.
Be mindful about your mental reactions. Do not allow your mind to overreact. Discard thoughts that aggravate the pain.
Stay calm as much as you can while living with the sadness. The calmer you feel within the faster you can learn your lesson.
Avoid dwelling on your sadness for too long. Give yourself time (a few hours or days) to regain calm after making mistakes and then move on.
If our past continues to bother us, then we will stop enjoying new revelations and realizations of the present.