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How to Learn a Foreign Language: 8 Secret Tips

Want to learn a foreign language? Know how to start…
I am trying to learn spoken French for the past two months.
Initially, my progress was a bit slow. Now, I am on track and learning faster. Here are 8 tricks which worked for me.
Start with easy to remember words like greetings, good bye, thank you, sorry, excuse me, etc.
Next, enrich your vocabulary. Increase your stock of words. Try to learn 5 -10 new words daily until you master 1000 words.
You cannot memorize sentence. Use the words you have learned to frame a new sentence. Then check online if it is correct.
Watch movies, news on TV, listen to audiobooks in foreign language. Pick unfamiliar words. Refer to dictionary to know their meaning.
Start conversation with someone who knows the language. Don’t mind your bad pronunciation.
Avoid short-term language learning courses. You have to teach yourself even after the course gets over for proper grasp over a new language.
I prefer language learning videos available online. I can access them anytime without paying any course fee.
Have patience. Getting familiar with a foreign language takes time.