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How to Improve Reading Skills as an Adult

Reading a book can be a pleasurable experience for any adult. See how…
We often tell young students/ children that reading is a good habit but as an adult, many of us have stopped reading books.
We mostly give the excuse of lack of time. Though the fact is we are so engaged with digital world that we have forgotten our old best friend.
When you have lost touch with reading habit, you go through a whole book but nothing sticks in your mind.
Here are some proven tricks to help you concentrate, comprehend the context and enjoy the reading process.
Make it a habit to read daily even if it is half an hour in a day to start with.
Set the right ambience. Read in a quiet corner of the house.
Select a time of the day when you can read without any interruption.
Pick a book that interests you. Your choice should be based on whether you are reading for knowledge, entertainment or to learn new skills.
Read at a slow pace. When you finish a book in a hurry, you miss out several key points.
While reading, try to visualize each word. It improves memory, power of thinking and analytical skills.
Take a pause in between and think of what you have just read. You can thus remember the content of a book for a long time.
Writers can take down notable words/phrases used by the author to enrich their vocabulary for writing.
Stop reading the moment you feel fagged out. It becomes tedious if you force yourself to read more. Keep it for next day.
As you are trying to regain your reading habit, read a printed version of a book for a better experience…
I believe you hardly assimilate any idea/information and build that strong connect with a book with a flashy screen of E-book or a constant noise of audiobook.