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How to Grow Flower Plants in Pots

Potted flower plants can be the showstopper in a garden if you provide proper care from day one.
The list of beautiful flower plants for an open space include – rose, marigold, lily, lavender, hibiscus, petunia and more.

 You must have a favorite list too.
You have to make right choices from the start to finish with the best yields from potted flower plants.
Select the Right Type of Flower First.
Every plant has its own temperature, humidity and sunlight requirements.

Choose a flower plant that can survive in your climate zone.
Then Buy Some Potting Mix.
Yes, a lump of soil from the garden is not suitable for potted plants.

Use a good quality potting mix which is light in weight, loosely bound and can retain moisture well.
Pick the Right Pot.
The pot must have enough space for proper growth of the roots of potted plant.

The size of the pot depends on the plant species...
Make sure there are some small holes at the bottom of the pot to drain out extra water when required.
Prepare the Pot for Planting.
(Step 1)
 Add a few pebbles first to partly cover up the holes under the pot and prevent the soil from flowing out.
Prepare the Pot for Planting.
(Step 2)
Mix some warm water to the potting soil and knead it well until it becomes soft.
Prepare the Pot for Planting. 
(Step 3)

Fill up the pot with the soft soil. Pat the soil surface lightly to remove any air pockets in between.
Set the Sapling into the Pot Properly.
(Step 1)

 Remove the sapling gently from the nursery pot. Place it on the potting mix and cover up its roots with enough soil.
Set the Sapling into the Pot Properly.
(Step 2)
The stem of the plant should not get covered by soil. Add some water to help the roots settle down properly.
Water the Pot Regularly.
Add enough water to the soil until it soaks the roots of the plant thoroughly.

Stop watering when the pot starts draining out some water.
Additional Flower Plant Care Tip#1

Prune the dead leaves, flowers and dead end of the stems as and when required.
Additional Flower Plant Care Tip#2

 Avoid use of fertilizer in potted plants. Use it only if you find any growth issues in the plants.
Additional Flower Plant Care Tip#3

Before the start of growing season, replace half of the old potting mix with new potting mix.