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How to Get Rid of Mild Sunburn Fast

Home remedies are safe and can make sunburn go away fast. Know more…
Powerful ultraviolet rays of the sun damage skin.
Sunburn occurs after a long exposure to sun without proper skin protection.
Painful blisters appear in case of severe sunburn.
Mild sunburn symptoms are: red spots on skin, irritation, skin feels hot and tender to touch, etc.
Stop touching the affected areas again and again.
To get rid of sunburn fast: Start home treatment as soon as symptoms show up.
Avoid direct contact of ice with skin.
Wrap ice pack in a soft cloth and place it gently on sensitive spots for 10 minutes.
Anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera bring rapid relief from the discomfort.
Use fresh aloe vera gel on tender skin daily.
Later, massage with light hand and rinse off.
Put on a thin layer of aloe vera gel on damp skin for 30 minutes.
Remember cold bath water will worsen the pain.
Mix a handful of baking soda into regular bath water to soothe skin burning sensation fast.
Vitamin C in lemon is a good antioxidant that heals skin damage faster.
Hydrate your body. Alongside plain water, drink lemon water for rehydration.
Hydrate your skin.
Turmeric face serum moisturizes rough skin patches and repairs damaged skin tone as well.
Heat from the sun will aggravate skin condition.
No outdoor activities during daytime until sunburn heals up completely.
Treat your skin with a mix of olive oil and aloe vera gel for 20 minutes. Use it thrice a week for best results.
Fight long-term effects of sunburn – fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.
Add a pinch of turmeric powder in aloe vera gel and apply on skin an hour before bath time.
Protect skin from repeated sunburns.
Visit a dermatologist at the earliest.
If you have severe sunburn with blisters, you need medical treatment.