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How to Enjoy Slow Travel

In slow travel, you are either traveling solo or accompanied by a partner with 2 key objectives - to feel the place and to rediscover yourself.
Slow travel gives a sense of freedom that you need not coordinate with many people and can travel at your own pace.
Plan a flexible itinerary of a few weeks for a single destination. Travel shorter distance in a day to prevent travel burnout.
If a famous landmark is in your wish list, travel in offseason when not many tourists will visit there.
Get closer to natural world. Soak in the beauty of different patterns of landscape and laze around Mother Nature.
Step out of your comfort zone and use public transportation. Observe people as you travel.
Go for a long walk and get lost in an unknown territory. Ask local people about routes, when needed.
Befriend someone who can teach a few simple words in local language or a popular song.
Meet residents who can talk about art, music, culture, and tradition of the region.
Try out local cuisine prepared with ingredients produced over there. Thus, you can dig in new authentic flavours.
Visit shops to buy items which are made by local artisans. This will boost local economy.
Get ready to embrace the challenges that come while exploring an unknown place without any time constraints.
At the end, you will realise slow travel not only creates rich memories to cherish but also helps you to grow up.