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How to Avoid Eye Strain from Long Screen Time

Too much of screen time is bad for eye health. 9 eye care tips are given here…
Screen time is the time we spend staring at electronic devices - smartphone, tablet, laptop, television, video game console, etc.
Our daily screen time is on the rise over the last couple of decades.
On an average, working professionals are glued to screen for almost 12 hours a day.
8 hours or more on computers at workplace. Remaining hours spent on smartphone.
Long exposure to screen glare makes eyes tired, dry, and itchy. Sometimes, eye strain leads to headache.
Cut down on-screen activities to keep your eyes healthy.
Keep your screen time 2 hours or less after work.
Set a reminder on phone to follow it.
Rest your eyes after every 20-30 minutes.
Cover up eyes with palms, count till 20 and remove palms slowly.
In between long virtual meetings/video calls, try to look away from screen and listen.
Blink your eyes more frequently.
Increase font size on screen to minimize eye strain.
Reduce brightness of screen to bring comfort to the eyes.
Pay attention to the distance between eye and screen.

For TV: 10 feet
For phone/tablet: 1 foot
For desktop/laptop – 2 feet
Keep overhead lighting minimum to reduce the effect of screen glare.
Artificial tears lubricate dry eyes but use these eye drops only after consulting a doctor.
Go for eye check-up at least once in a year.